Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Ivy Chronicles

I just heard that Sarah Jessica Parker might star in the movie version of one of my favorite books, The Ivy Chronicles. I find this to be very upsetting, partly, because I associate her with Carrie. Carrie is just so unrefined and flighty. The book is about a woman who has to move, with her kids, out of the upper east side down to the lower east side. She has to take her kids out of their great prestigous school and put them in a public school downtown. For me that is the saddest part of the book. Finally she makes a job out of helping people get their children into the type of schools on the UES that her daughters formerly attended.

What really bothers me about them making this movie is that I believe her job is the most amazing job. It is the job I want. I don't want to be a lawyer. I want to get deserving kids into NYC private schools. Or I could be a college admissions counselor. But I KNOW I don't need any more competition should I actually find my way to this career. I don't need a bunch of girls moving to the city trying to pursue this career cause "Sarah Jessica Parker did it in that movie." Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

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