Friday, July 18, 2008

Help me Please

I was going to write about manners, or the lack thereof, but I will do that later today because I have more pressing business right now. This skirt I have been eyeing at J Crew since April is on sale but I have to pay shipping which I hate! It would cost 37.12 total. So quick poll, should I get it? Yes or No. Now remember, not only is it pleated, but also SEERSUCKER. sigh.


Anonymous said...

I vote yes. Sunshine is necessary in all our lives - and this skirt is like sunshine.

suburban prep said...

I might be late in the thought but I vote yes.
I hate to pay shipping as well. I worked for a catalog for 15 yrs and I understand the point of shipping but if the item is not at a store near you then shipping is worth it. Also with the cost of gas then it is also worth it.