Friday, January 17, 2014

It Takes Two

January 4 marked the two year Anniversary of my first date with C.  I was so happy with my life two years ago, so it's quite a miracle that I am so much happier now.  To think I started this blog when I was so miserable in law school and then became even more miserable after became even more despondent after graduating is astonishing when I wake up every morning increasingly excited to face each day.  I am so glad I have so much written down so I can look back and know how blessed I am. Returning to Artisanale was a pleasure.  C had fondue for the first time.  We reminisced about how intensely he interviewed me on that first date and he recounted how he noticed me as soon as I walked in the door.  He told me he was way too full for dessert but that I should do ahead.  He then proceeded to steal half my petit fours and one of my precious macarons.  I'll allow it.    

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take a Look It's In A Book

It's been a couple months since I've discussed what I've been reading. I've quickly forgotten most of them, but here are a few that stood out.
The Overnight Socialite is one of my most fun reads ever.  It's a modern Pygmalion story.  If you like that type of thing and you are at all interested in New York Society, then you will love it and read through it quickly.

Beyond Belief was written by the niece of the leader of Scientology about her experience growing up in the Sea Org, Scientology's version of clergy.  She describes her experiences doing child labor, undergoing intense interrogation, and only seeing her parents once a year, if that.  I highly recommend it because it's such an easy read.  I have found Scientology fascinating for quite some time.  After reading this book, I cannot look at actors who profit from their membership in this faith the same way.  


Mindy Starns Clark is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.  She is an amazing writer.  My mom and I are reading everything by her that we can get our hands on.  These books take place near where my mom grew up and I love learning more about my Anabaptist background and details of why Mennonites ended up fleeing from Germany to America through these books.  It is so much fun to see these mysteries unravel.

I found this book to be a difficult read, but for some inexplicable reason I just had to get through it.  The protagonist suffers from depression and this is a big part of the narrative.  I started skimming those parts after a while because I was really looking for a mystery.  I would not classify this as a mystery because it's really just the story of a private investigator looking for a missing person without giving the readers any real clues that would allow them to solve the case.  I wouldn't recommend this book at all, although there were many instances where I did enjoy the read.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Gonna Be A Happy New Year

Three days before Christmas I received some very bad news.  Looks like I will be moving once again. After the moving 5 times in a year saga of 2010 I have been blessed to call the same  apartment home for a record 3 years and 3 months. I dread everything that moving entails from unreliable movers, to the inevitable disorganization of the process.   The sheer panic of needing to find an apartment in the last 2 weeks of a month, get a move in date, move out and move in, all while working 60 hours a week is an experience that only other Manhattanites can fully comprehend.  Instead of letting it completely ruin my holiday, I decided to not think about it too much.  I am purging, getting organized, dreaming of bigger apartments, and burying my head in the sand.  That is something I typically never do, but I vow to do more in the future.  So far it's working out great.  Last year was the best of my life and 2014 looks like it may be even better if that is possible.  I still need my list though so I don't get too lazy.  

In 2014 I resolve to:
1. Go see the Statue of Liberty once and for all.  I know I say I will do this every year.
2. Pay off 51% of student loans
3. Go to at least one new continent
4. Visit at least one new state
5. Go to a new city
6. Finish going paperless.  I am almost there.
7. Go see three Broadway shows. 
8. Go to a concert of one of my favorite artists
9. Stress out way less and be more selfish
10. Read at least ten nook books

Last year I only got a 7 out of 10
1. Enjoy my life and allow myself to take pleasure in the moment Check
2. Scan everything until I am living a paper free life Still working on it, but I'm getting there
3. Pay off 16% of the principal balance of my student loans. Check
4. See at least one new American city Check - Memphis
5. Go to at least one new state I went to a new country instead: Belize
6. Get fashion bucket list item #5 Vera Wang wedding gown and J Crew schoolboy blazer
7. Go see at least four Broadway shows (including Book of Mormon and Annie) Annie and Mary Poppins 
8. Rekindle old relationships a few, but not as many as I would like
9. Go to a concert of one of my favorite artists Kanye West
10. Finally visit the Statue of Liberty nope