Saturday, August 30, 2014

Will Power

I want this trench coat so badly I can taste it.  It's pink and structured and I am truly madly deeply in love with this particular garment.  I picture all the variously clothing and accessory combinations it would complement.  At only 199.00 it's so tempting.  I'm sure if I asked any of my friends they would say get it, you deserve it.  I'm not getting it.  Even as I write this I am having second thoughts.  But I have other goals, namely getting out from under my law school debt asap.  I don't know if I even have the strength.  It's so hard.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Duds

Shopping for work clothes is not my forte.  They are not at all flattering to my body type.  They are uncomfortable.  To make things worse, my office is so cold that I can't even wears skirts and dresses.  During a last minute trip to Memphis a few weekends back I lucked up on a whole new outfit at 60% off the sale price.
ann taylor colorblock shoulder button top
ann taylor signature all-season stretch trousers
Shopping in anywhere USA is way less stressful than in the city.  Sometimes I forget the days when I enjoyed shopping on a biweekly basis.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bahamas: Come On Pretty Mama

Our summer trip was a cruise to the Bahamas with C's side of the family.  When I say that I married into the best family in the world, I am not bragging.  It's just a fact.  I love having nieces and nephews.  The hugs and smiles melt my heart.  I was way more nervous to go on this cruise than I ever have been to get on a plane.  After reading about Tina Fey's honeymoon experience in Bossypants, I was skeptical.  I found the part at the beginning where we found out where the life rafts were to be fairly ominous.  An hour later all my worries were forgotten as I indulged in all you can eat cruise life.  I even ordered room service at one point.  My peanut butter & jelly sandwich was delivered to my room on a platter with chips and cookies to boot.  I imagined myself reading a lot by the pool and getting a massage in the spa, but with all the stops and eating and family togetherness I never had any downtime.   

We had stops in Freeport and Nassau.  Freeport was pretty boring just like everyone warned us, but I enjoyed getting to know a little about the tax free country.  We saw the homes of Sammy Davis Jr., John Travolta, Count Basie, and possibly Oprah.  The next day in Nassau was tons of fun when we went to the Atlantis Resort.  We got to swim, go down a slide, and best of all, swim with the dolphins.
petting alpha-male Hercules
After our kiss, Hercules was kind enough to push me along on my boogie board.

After that we swam around with Hercules and another dolphin.  They did lots of jumps for us at the end.  If I ever go back to the Bahamas I would head straight for Atlantis.  Cruises make for a great family trip IMHO.  If you're just looking to have fun with people you love and not necessarily try to explore a country in depth, it's perfect.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where I've Been

Make yours @
18 states left to visit
Make yours @
countless countries left unseen
These maps make me restless to go more places.  So much to see.  So little vacation time.  I watched my friends travel so much during college and law school and I just put it off.  I thought it best not to accrue more debt and I think that for me that was the right decision.  Nevertheless, it's left me with this itch to see the things that my friends talk about.  I want to ride on an elephant.  I calculated that this year I will do a month's worth of traveling.  When that includes trips to Georgia and Tennessee (where C's from), that's really not much time to explore the great unknown.  I still haven't figured out how these people who travel for months save for retirement.  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

All At Once

One of my many secret reasons for wanting to get married is that there are certain shows I just want to experience with another person.  I can't explain it, but it's what compelled me to watch the O.C. with my friends every week in the years after college, and to wait for A for several of our weekly favorites during law school.  Three summers ago, during the Hurricane Irene weekend I started watching Mad Men on Netflix.  I really really enjoyed it, but for some inexplicable reason I felt this yearning to experience it with someone else.  Due to the fact that we have pretty much run out of shows, last week C conceded to start watching with me.  He doesn't like any of my summer shows which include Devious Maids and every single show on ABC Family. Obviously.  I think he's hooked.  We somehow managed to watch the entire first season in one week.  It cut into our sleep but so what, who cares?  

I cannot wait to watch them all and I am so glad I waited until all the seasons were completed to start.  By the time I get to the seventh season, I hope Netflix will already have it, but at least I won't have to wait eons. This show is right up my alley from the fifties/sixties style fashion to having a window into the creative world of advertising half a century ago.  I can't wait to see where the characters end up, particularly Peggy Olson and Betty Draper.  I long for scenes with either one.  

C and I recently finished watching every episode of all eight season of Entourage.  I've never wanted to pay for HBO and after Sex and the City I resigned myself to poor old regular cable.  

Now that is a funny show.  I could have done without the misogyny and insidious objectification of women's bodies.  Nonetheless, they hooked me.  My favorite characters were Eric and Sloan.  The movie is slated for a June 2015 next summer and I plan to make a date night out of this one for sure.  After Mad Men I might have to start in with Curb Your Enthusiasm.