Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ooh La La

It seems that I have finally mastered the Rue La La auction thing. I still can't remember to sign on at 11am, but fortunately at noon there were still some cute things left in my size at quite a bargain. I got these in the mail yesterday and they fit so well. Lilly sizes make me feel skinny. :) Lilly Pulitzer Liddy Full Sun
Lilly Pulitzer Chapman, but in Shorely Blue


It's difficult to do much besides eat and watch movies when the city is so nasty outside. So I've been spending my weekends doing a little of both. I went to see True Grit about a week ago with a few friends. I heard it was a western so I was really dreading it. Much to my surprise the story revolves around a young lady trying to avenge her father's death. I was hooked from the beginning. When I heard western, for some reason I pictured Brokeback Mountain aka The Most Boring Movie I Have Ever Sat Through In My Entire Life. Fortunately, there was lots of dialogue. Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon were funny and awesome.

This past weekend I went to Cafeteria for the first time. I had a Passion Palmer, a little variation on one of my favorite drinks, the Arnold Palmer, that replaces lemonade with passion fruit juice. Yummy. I also had their much raved about mac & cheese. It was delicious and I am craving more as I write this. I also had a generous slice of red velvet cake. Who know why it has taken me so long to go there. I will definitely be back soon. P.S. The waiters are hot and wear suspenders.

Then I went to see the Black Swan. I hate Natalie Portman, but I love Mila Kunis. This movie was a bit ridiculous and it's overhyped. I am fascinated by ballerinas though. I lived with 3 when I was in Minneapolis and it was lots of fun. Whoever did the footwork for Natalie's character was amazing.

So far 2011 is looking like a fun year, even if spent mostly indoors.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Longing for Spring

It snowed again this week and I have been wearing my yellow Hunter wellies for the past three days. I got this dress the day after Thanksgiving and I would love to wear it.
Vineyard Vines Polo Dress

Alas it seems as if I will not get a chance unless I go on some sort of tropical vacay.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lost In Translation. Hated it.
Somewhere. Liked it.

As my friend J says, these rich kids like Sofia Coppola are painfully self-indulgent when it comes to there "art." J hated it but I liked it because it gave me a little window into Chateau Marmount, a place that has always fascinated me. I can't say I would recommend this movie. There's not a lot of dialogue. It mostly captures mundane moments of a rich spoiled actor's life (Stephen Dorff). The most captivating parts involve the daughter (Elle Fanning) he neglects. Award season is here and I've only seen cartoons. Did I mention that I watched Toy Story 3 with my sister and balled like a little baby. I wasn't even hormonal. It was bananas. That's my vote for Best Picture. So far anyway.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I've Got My Hopes Set High

There's an Amy Grant song that goes "I've got my hope set high. That's why I came tonight." That is me all the time. I try with all my might to set low expectations and not get my hopes up. It's not possible. Every time I head out for a party, a night out, or a date, I always have high hopes. No amount of trying to trick myself out of disappointment works. I can feel myself doing it all over again now. I'm excited. I'm excited over nothing really. I know in my head that it's foolish, yet there is this part of me that wants to believe that being happy and in love could be in my immediate future.

When you are single, people will always believe it is your fault and that there is something wrong with you. They are wrong. Nonetheless, one of the things I liked about being in a relationship was the lack of judgment from people who are in them. It's been a year and a half almost. I think I'm due for some wish fulfillment.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I Got

I was blessed with some lovely gifts for Christmas such as,

Lilly Pulitzer Sabine Shirtdress

Lilly Pulitzer Shauna Tunic Dress Embroidered

Tory Burch gold metallic flats

William Rast Savoy Flare jeans

amongst other lovely things like books, and lotion, and a down coat from J Crew that I am absolutely loving. 2010 ended in a far superior manner than 2009. It can only get better from here and I refuse to believe anything else.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Better Late Than Never

In 2011 I resolve to

1. Maintain the weight, just like I did last year
2. Go to a new American city
3. Go to a foreign country (unlike last year)
4. Pay off 16% of my loans
5. Not care about my ex boyfriend at all

If I can do all that, I will reward myself with a Chanel bag.