Thursday, July 3, 2008

Preppy Baby Names

Preppy baby name websites are full of atrocious names like Muffy, Buffy, Biff, Chip etc. Maybe that is a northern thing, because none of my friends growing up had names like that. One thing I do love about preppy names is the use of last names as first names or middle names. Some people seem to have a problem with this but I just don't understand. I remember my friend in elementary school telling me that she and her sisters all have family last names as middle names. Her middle name is Greene. I think my last name would make a perfect middle name.

My favorite preppy names all come from kids I went to school with growing up, with the exception of my favorite boy name.

1. Katherine (the only acceptable spelling)
2. Alexandria
3. Genevieve
4. Chandler
5. Elizabeth
6. Bronwynn
7. Caroline
8. Palmer
9. Heather
10. Mimi (I admit I only like this one now because of Mariah)
11. Ansley

1. Wentworth (the perfect name)
2. Sebastian
3. Redding
4. Matthew
5. Davis
6. Wilson (also my dad's middle name!)
7. Colin

Now I want to have babies so I can use some of these names.

P.S. People. Please stop using Ariel, Isabella, Nala and other variations on Disney names for your children. It's tacky.

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Crimson Wife said...

I think it's a New England thing because I grew up with kids who went by the names Muffy, Cookie, Bitsy, Skip, Trip, Kip, Chip (what is it with all the -ip nicknames?), etc. They usually had perfectly distinguished names like Meredith, Caroline, Elizabeth, Edward, Charles, etc. which nobody ever called them by.