Friday, June 28, 2013

Something Blue

I have been seeing lots of ladies walking around in beautiful cobalt blue lately and I would love to have a dress in this color.  I think it looks great on everyone, but absolutely exceptional with a nice tan.  Different brands have different names for the color, but it is definitely all the rage right now.  Here are some of my favorites.
DVF Zarita Lace dress in vivid blue
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top in schooner blue
Beguiling Beauty dress in blue
Kate Spade Karolina in cobalt blue 
I've already purchased the pumps for my bridal luncheon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Reading

I've found two new mystery series to fill my time while waiting for flower shop mysteries to come out.  The first, the Scumble River Mysteries by Denise Swanson, is about a 30 something mid-western high school psychologist who solves murders.  I've read two books in the series so far and they can get pretty scary at the climax.
The next series is not the norm for me because the 20 something protagonist is vacuous and beyond shallow.  Nonetheless, Dorothy Howell keeps drawing me in for these Haley Randolph mysteries and I always find myself rooting for Haley, wrong or right.  I would appreciate it if the author was more thorough in her fashion research, but her writing is definitely entertaining.  
Now, I'm about half way through The 5 Love languages and I am learning a lot.  I would definitely recommend this to other engaged couples.  Another couple recommended it to us and I'm so glad they did.  I learned that my love language is Quality Time. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is my favorite song right now.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The US According to NYC

I saw this on Facebook today and I thought it was funny and scarily accurate.  Does actually thinking this way about 80% of these places mean I've been in the city too long?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So I thought I had it covered.  Last August, before engagement was anywhere near imminent I got the perfect white Lilly Pulitzer dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner I hoped to have one day in the far off future.    Back in 2009, I even got the white satin Kate Spade Karolinas I hoped I would have a reason to wear one day.  When I got engaged I figured I could just go out and pick my gown and be done with it.  I picked my dress in basically one day easy.  How naive I was.  First my mom mentions that I need a going away outfit, preferably white.  Then I was reading Vanessa Lachey's blog and realized that I would also want a white dress for the bridal shower.  That got me thinking I might just want a white dress for the bachelorette party as well.  Upon further thought, I figured it might be nice to wear white to the bridal luncheon as well.  That's 6 white dresses already!  I decided I better draw the line somewhere so I'm wearing hot pink to my engagement celebration.  Lucky for me I was able to score the Lilly Pulitzer Emma brand new from ebay for $17 (including shipping) for my bachelorette.  The lace work on this dress is so nice.
Lilly Pulitzer Emma
This dress looks way better on my 5'4" frame than the model which seldom ever happens but I'll take it.  You'd be surprised at how challenging it can be to find a white dress for 6 different occasions when price is in fact an object.  As for shoes, I just ordered another pair of karolinas so I'm all set on that front.  Three more Little White Dresses to go.