Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost There

My finals are over, but I still have so much to do. Huge paper and 2 meetings of creditors for my bankruptcy clients all due tomorrow. One of my clients is such a nightmare. She didn't send me any of the documents I need for for out meeting at court tomorrow and I just know something is bound to go terribly wrond. My supervising attorney is a piece of work. Whoever said that Minnesotans are nice lied.

In better news, I am getting so wound up for Italy. I know I don't need to be buying any more junk, but I really want this twilly from hermes.

I would also like this Kate Spade bag.

Not for Italy. Just for church in New York this weekend. For some reason I always like to have a nice outfit for church. I guess it's the only day of the week I get to dress up the way that I like to dress up. I don't like work attire and I always feel somwhat uncomfortable in clubbing clothes. I have this perfect white dress from J Crew that I haven't worn yet. I love wearing white because it always makes me look SO tan. Everywhere I look I see nice green accesories that would be perfect to wear with this dress. In MinneCRAPolis, MinneSNOWta I am still wearing wool argyle skirts, knee high socks, and cable knit sweaters. Cute, just not in May.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top Ten Albums

I cannot wait until my copyright final is over tomorrow. Then it will just be one more paper, a couple clients to weed through, and I'm done. Ugh it never ends. I hate school.

I love music. I love making lists. I don't think I've ever made a list of my favorite albums of all time so here is my attempt. I am just going with whatever comes to mind first so I know I'll look at this later and think, wha wha? Lots of ladies on this list!

10. So many singles on this one. I just heard she is getting divorced. Sad. Oh well, time for a new album lady.

9. I was cool in middle school cause I had this CD.

8. I discovered this album late in life. My favorite song is "As." If R&B was still like this I might actually listen to it.

7. Inspirational and timeless. I love these boys. I saw them at Irving Plaza and they did not dissapoint one bit.

6. I haven't listened to this as much as the others but it's just so pro-woman and intelligent.

5. I can listen to this album on repeat for weeks and weeks and nothing else. Best song. "She's Electric"

4. If you don't own this album then you are a seriously disturbed person and I am afraid of you.

3. This used to be my favorite album. It's so fun and her voice is so sweet.

2. As someone incapable of taking the easy route, I couldn't help but select this album. It was hard though because Wide Open Spaces is an amazing album and it kind of deserves this spot.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This blog is messy because I have no patience to figure out how to place pictures. It is undoubtedly so simple that a nine year old could do it but I just don't have the will. I have exams, and clinics, and a game theory paper to write.

The worst thing happened tonight. I planned on Gossip Girl and the Hills being the part of the day that took me away from all the stress of school and bitter ugliness and depression. But the CW decided to freeze a picture of Leeza Gibbons to be displayed the entire hour while I could only listen to B, S, etc. This picture of Leeza also remained throughout One Tree Hill but it's not like I am gonna sit around and listen to OTH for an hour. I did however sit there and just listen to Gossip Girl. It was still good, but it's just not the same without the outfits and the shots of Brooklyn and Manhattan. I even called the local Twin Cities station and left a message. I also sent them an email. Ugh.

One interesting thing I saw after the Hills is a new show on MTV. Eight of the most spoiled gauche My Super Sweet Sixteen Girls will be getting even more air time when they are all sent to various developing nations to rough it for a spinoff entitled Exiled! Seriously, these pampered princesses are going to live in huts and pee in buckets. Although I think it would be good for them to see how the less fortunate live, it still makes me uncomfortable.

1. I know they are going to make ignorant (and inevitably racist) comments and make the lives of the people they live with even harder.

2. These girls feel entitled. They are perfectly fine with the fact that their unearned privilege comes at the expense of oppressed peoples in America and around the world. That is the whole point of the My Super Sweet 16 -- these girls are all about excess and making themselves feel better than other people.

3. It might be a nice story. Rich girl goes to Africa and lives in a village like the natives and comes back to America so grateful for what she has and with a newfound respect for her parents. Yet, all she will be thankful for is that she was lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in her mouth and that her daddy worked hard enough (or exploited enough people) to give her whatever whenever.

4. It is offensive. (Yes, I may watch it. ) The premise reminds me of one of those stories where a white man disguises himself as a black man and experiences bigotry and then purports to know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. In reality this is impossible in part because the protagonist will at some point return to his privileged status as white. My fear is that these girls are gonna come back to their charmed lives pretending to know what it's like to be poor when in fact this experiment is only temporary. There will be camera persons, and these girls will assuredly not be exposed to malaria carrying flies or sweat shop labor.

But perhaps I am judging to soon. Maybe these girls are multilayered people who will come out of this experience with some new insight to share. It can't be worse than Tila Tackyla.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My weird thing

I am obsessed with undergraduate colleges and admissions (at any level of education). I went to the anti-prep of undergraduate universities. But I never actually dated anyone who went there. However, I did go out with men from many fine preppy institutions while living in the city. One of the first questions I always ask a date, or any guy I am potentially interested in, is where he went to college? Somewhere along the line in my dating life I developed what can only be described as an ivy fetish. I am also enjoy making lists immensely. And so, I decided to make a list of the undergraduate institutions I believe churn out the most eligible boyfriends. Just my opinion and I should disclose that although undergrad is what I place most significance on, some of this is based on where fellas went for their JDs, MDs, MBAs, or PHDs. I've never dated anyone who went to Yale although I have met some cuties who went there, and the mere thought of any man who went to Princeton other than Wentworth Miller makes me gag.

10. This is the first of two schools on my list that Ms. Birnbach would say is out of the league, but my experience has taught me otherwise. Lacoste polos with popped collars are preppy enough for me. And yes, people joke that it is the easiest ivy to get into, but hey there are some serious hotties running around Manhattan who went there. Athough there are at least 30 schools I can think of off hand that are more exclusive than Cornell, this school is still nothing to scoff at. Plus my friend S is going there for her B-school this fall so now I feel like I have to defend it.

Tied for 7-9 are my southern choices and they are in no particular order. Not often, but every now and then I will meet a nice southern boy from one of these fine institutions. If I really wanted to find them I could always just go back to Augusta. Southern gentlemen attend these schools. Not only that, I have met some northerners who I believe picked up a thing or to about how to treat a lady while going to school down south. Manners are key. Auburn is the only public school that I could concieve of letting onto my list. If you are from the south, then you know that those boys are perfectly respectable. They just really like football.

6. These boys are sometimes (ok mostly) legacies, but often the ones I met really took the time to try to find the best fit for them in a college which I truly respect.

5. Amherst boys are not ubiquitous in the city, but whenever I venture to Massachusetts I meet them in droves. They are so cute and nice and easy to be with. Definitely 4 stars.

4. These boys are hands down the best kissers. It is with these boys that I have the most experience. They may be players but I love em. Never could get enough of them. I never got the chance to try out a Wharton graduate, which as a Stern grad I think is ironic, but there is a rivalry so maybe it's for the best.

3. Now this is not the Wheaton in Norton, Mass. that people might initially think. This is the one outside Chicago for which my southern Presbyterian preparatory school was a feeder. The boys who go here could have gone to most of the ivys but they didn't because they knew this Christian college was it for them and I highly respect that. These boys are dependable and never lacking in ambition. I will always love them even if I have to leave Manhattan to run into them.

2. The second on the list that is not technically preppy but whatever! As an undergrad at NYU where most of the male population bats for the other team (seriously I cannot tell you how many times I was devastated to discover that my year long crushes would NEVER be interested) men from Columbia are like the holy grail. In fact, when I told a woman from my church in Augusta that I would be heading to New York University for school, she told me that her girlfriend went to NYU and met a man from Columbia and they got married. This created a lot of false hope for me. See the problem in undergrad was that the appeal of the village was way to great for me to take any interest in traveling up to Morningside Heights. It was after college that I discovered the vast wealth that Columbia has to offer. These men are hot, cosmopolitan, Type A, and although they don't know their way around Manhattan, they definitely know the way to my heart. sigh.

1. V, my bf, went there. He is brilliant and ambitious. Plus, I enjoy the Harvard Club in New York, so even though he is the only person I have ever dated who went there, it's an easy choice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roman Holiday

In a week and two days I will be leaving for Rome for a week with my sister and my boyfriend. It's so close that I can't focus on studying. All I can focus on is Rome. I have already packed my suitcase and I am debating whether on not I should add certain things. It's supposed to be in the mid 70s, in stark contrast to Minnesota right now. So I will be unpacking my burberry scarf. I will be foregoing heels as everyone keeps mentioning the cobble stone streets that make wearing them impractical. If it's anything like the meat packing district in New York than I definitely wouldn't be able to work the stilettos. I will be taking my lacoste mary janes (because the Chanel ones that I covet are $650 but they will be MINE one day because they have my name on them and I am visualizing them on my feet right now), sketchers, and black flats.

Unfortunately, I will also be packing many empire waisted shirts to hide what staying in doors with only food to comfort me all winter has done to me.

Of course I will be taking my monogrammed version of this on the plane. I wanna use the marc jacobs bag my boyfriend gave me for my birthday but I'm scared it will get slashed. People make Rome sound kind of scary talking about pickpockets and cunning children who will provide a distraction while someone grabs your bag. I hope this won't be my experience.

Still I am so excited to go and I think it could be the best trip ever. I have always dreamed of going to Italy.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

7 months to go

A Lilly store recently opened on Madison Avenue. This dress would be perfect for church (with a white cardigan of course) on Park and lunch afterwards in the village. Ahh the good ole days. I cannot wait to move back to New York and to embark on my legal career and make money again. I am so bogged down with exams right now. If I had known when I left Manhattan that I would be away longer than one L year, I never would have come. But if I can just get through finals, summer classes and fall semester I will be back in Manhattan ready to be a real JD. All I can do is count down the days until I return to the city. Minneapolis is not a city. It's just not.
Welcome to my blog y'all.