Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Movies

Even though I'm way more into television than I am into movies, I did see a few trailers during movies this summer that got me super excited for fall. 
Pitch Perfect might be my perfect movie. I like a lot of women in my movies and I really like a lot of singing and I absolutely love tight harmonies. If it's anything like the previews, I will be purchasing it on DVD.

The three times I saw it on Broadway were awesome and I expect nothing less from the movie version since Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway are involved.  I love Anne so much and after seeing her play Selina Kyle this summer in Batman I looooove her.  

So I read the book last year and also watched the Robert Redford version.  Robert Redford is a beautiful beautiful man. Wait, this movie got pushed to 2013.  Why?!  Everytime I am excited about a movie it's far in the future.  That is why I need tv.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Have a Cow

So I was raised a vegetarian until the age of 12, when my parents said that I could make the meat eating decicion for myself.  I chose meat.  That decision had me eating chicken approximately once a month and turkey at Thanksgiving. Freshman year at NYU, my vegetarian roomate grew envious of my Chicken Tikka but she didn't want to hurt the animals.  So for spring break I told her that I would be vegetarian and save those animals so that she could eat meat for a week.  When we came back from spring break we decided to make the switch permanent.  So from spring of 2001 until August 17, 2012 I didn't eat meat. 

C, a carnivore, offered to go vegetarian for a full month if I would in turn, give a quality steak a try.  The partial junior whopper I tasted from Burger King as a teenager was apparently not an acceptable barometer for my judgment of not liking beef.  C wanted me to taste a steak because maybe if I had really good cow, then I would like it.  So we went to The Palm restaurant in Tribeca.  I have to say that despite my anxiety, I really enjoyed myself.  There are cartoons all over the wall of celebrities and socialites that frequent The Palm.

Filet Mignon at The Palm in Tribeca
As for my steak, I would give it a B.  I liked it.  But I didn't think it was as good as french fries, my all time fave food.  It was much denser than veggie meat so I only ate about 1/3 that night and another third the next day.  I'm glad I tried it because I think it's important to experience new things.  I can see why someone who grew up eating meat wouldn't want to settle for tofu, beans, nuts, quinoa, and soy based products.  As for me, I think I just like all those aforementioned choices better.  Plus they have the added bonus of being cheaper, healthier, and cruelty free.  I'm back to being a vegetarian again, but if anyone else wants to go vegetarian for a month and then treat me to a dinner of quality meat, I'm down.  P.S. The donuts at The Palm are delicious and made to order.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Shift! Lilly Makes Me Silly

I have gone absolutely bonkers today over the Lilly Pulitzer Sale.  So far I have successfully ordered two dresses, including the one above.  The site was down all day and they were stringing me along on facebook like I'm some desperate girl with no other clothing options.  I don't even have any plans or occasion to wear this dress but after the site being down all day long, I feel like a winner for being able to finally give Lilly my money and have them mail me this dress in return.  I guess I can't judge those people who wait outside Apple to drop $500+ on whatever the latest gadget may be.  Although I did make my purchase from the convenience of my office so I could still judge.  Now I'm off to impatiently hit F5 a thousand more times until Lilly lets me give them more of my money. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Inspiration

Here is a picture of my favorite Olympic moment thus far.  I was devastated for Aly Raisman, when she was denied the bronze medal in the All-Around competition in favor of Mustafina due to an arbitrary tie-breaker rule.  When the score was tabulated for the individual balance beam competition and Aly came up short of the bronze again I was shocked by her undeserved fourth place score.  The looks of defeat on Aly and her coach's face were so sad.  But then Aly, pointed her coach to the crowd above where Marta & Bela Karolyi, along with Kathy Kelly (pictured above), yelled to Aly's coach instructing him to get an inquiry.  I almost cried when the recalculation led to a tie breaker that resulted in Aly's favor this time.

I was happy that she got her medal, but I was even more touched to see how these coaches really had her back.  When you care about a person, you should be outraged when she is treated unfairly and denied what she deserves.  Too often people expect their friends and loved ones to just shrug off insults or injustices.  I want to emulate and surround myself with people like the Karolyis.  People who will stick up for you and fight for you are so much better than people who want you to toughen up or accept defeat.  When you love someone, you never tell them to get over it.  You only try to make it right.

Monday, August 6, 2012

They Know Me Well

It's like the designers at Kate Spade know me personally.  One of my resolutions this year was to not add more than two more pair of Karolinas to my already ridiculous collection of 11.  Well I've made it to August and I still haven't made any purchases of that variety.  Lately I've just been eyeing Chanel ballet flats.  Well these black and white polka dot Karolinas just showed up on the website and I can't wait until they show up in my closet.  I'm already planning the outfits.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoe Done It

Inspired by some of my favorite bloggers, I decided to peruse my local library.  It's a good way to save money and to avoid the clutter of too many books.  I definitely have too many books.  Much to my surprise and delight, I stumbled upon a new series of mysteries that I am already excited about.
When I got home, opened up my book, and saw the words Lilly Pulitzer in the text of the first page, I knew I'd found a winner.  Fortunately, I can often judge a book by its cover.  The protagonist in this story flies from San Francisco to Miami Beach to get a special pair of stilletos and then there's a murder.  I dunno whodunnit (or should I say shoedunnit) yet, but I can't wait to find out.