Friday, May 30, 2014

All About Eve

I get on these kicks sometimes where I just need to watch old movies.  I am so fascinated by them.  In the past week I watched Anatomy of a Murder which is a classic I have seen before.  A new one for me was All About Eve.  This movie was fantastic.  Bette Davis plays an aging Broadway star preyed upon by manipulative young usurper.  The character of Eve, the usurper, is such a classic archetype that I've encountered all too often in real life.  Just like The Apartment, this movie gave me a glimpse of "Old New York" from the theatre district to the 21 Club.  I live for those windows into what I long to have seen for myself.   This is also a great movie if you want to see female characters with some depth.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heathers the Musical

This weekend we went to see Heathers the Musical Off Broadway.  I would give it five stars.  It was pretty much the movie, but more comedic and with singing.  I loved this movie so so so much when I saw it.  The show definitely captured all the best scenes and lines from the movie and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.  I've never seen a show with an audience filled almost entirely with thirty-somethings.  It was an awesome time and if you go to TKTS like we did it's only $46 a person. So worth it. 
We also went to brunch at Stanton Social.  Brunch is soooooo much better than dinner.  I will never go there for dinner again.  We got the pierogies which I'd had at dinners there, but we also had oreo pancakes, the best juevos rancheros I've ever had, and delicious blintzes.  I can't wait to have another occasion to go there.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Week

I know these pictures are terrible but if you look really hard you can see Dolly Parton, who I saw on Tuesday:
And Mariah, who I saw this morning.  She sang Touch My Body, Always Be My Baby and a new song.  
All the while my husband thinks I'm hard at work.  It's amazing to just walk down the street from my office and see two of the world's greatest songwriters perform their work in the same week.  This is why I love the city.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Mystery To Me

My nook is having a breakdown, but I did manage to get through Dead Between the Lines anyway.  It's so hard to wait for these books when the authors only come out with one per year.  Throw in the Trowel was awesome as are all the flower shop mysteries.  I love how the stages of Abby Knight's relationship have coincided so closely with mine from engagement through newlywed phase.
Due to my impatience with these authors' writing schedules, I recently started several new mystery series and here is one that I adore.

After being fired from her librarian position at Yale only to come home to find her fiance in the throws with his student, Lindsey moves to Briar Creek to head up its small town library.  Lucky for me, Lindsey keeps happening upon bodies.  She could be a better detective for my taste, but alas it's the thrill of her almost dying at the end of every books that really hooks me.  Too bad the next installment in the series won't be out until November.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Yes I know I'm late to the party, but my new favorite show is VEEP.  I already love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I love all these shows that take place in Washington, D.C.  This show is so refreshing after Scandal, which has jumped the shark IMHO and House of Cards which was great but also really sick and demented.  I think VPOTUS sounds like a great job, but Selena Meyer sure makes it look frustrating in a hilarious way. She's a self obsessed bad mother and I still keep rooting for her because I love her.