Friday, July 25, 2008

Always the Last to Know

"So I was thinking--I see no reason why we should stress ourselves out with this 'legal career' hoo ha. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume that we will marry rich men, have some babies, travel the world, eat the best food, drink the best wine, and maintain supermodel caliber bodies and looks well into our 50s. That's it--I'm quitting my job! $#%$%$##@@"

Something mildly interesting finally happened in Minnecrapolis. In fact, it has received national attention in the blog world. M, a girl in my law school class, was fired from her summer associate position last week for getting drunk at a firm event and kissing a girl from Cornell. She left the quote above on her friend's facebook wall last year. Supposedly she had been warned to stop getting drunk at firm events. When I met her she was nice and friendly (unlike her friends). I tried to use this "scandal" as a way to distract myself from the 140 hr BA/Corps final I am in the midst of writing. I only heard last night, but apparently it has been the talk of downtown Minneapolis all week and, horror of horrors, billable hours are being lost due to the gossip. Unfortunately, looking at all her drunken photos on the facebook only took up about 10 minutes of my day. So I had to blog about it myself in order to waste the proper amount of time.

If you're curious you can read more about it here: I had no clue that there was a legal tabloid blog. It's boring which I guess is to be expected given the sort of people who read it. May none of these people ever move to the music industry. They couldn't handle it.

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