Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shopping Spree

The IRS is annoying. They are experiencing high call volumes due to people calling about their economic stimulus checks. Not only is the wait time for getting through an hour sometimes, but now they are making me call back for each client separately. I have 17 clients! Boooooooo

Last week I went on an online shopping spree while I was bored at work. My first book already arrived in the mail. It's slightly worn but it was only 1.50.

I ordered a similar book called Momzillas: It's a Jungle Out There on Park Avenue Baby! for 0.95. I got a new subscription to Town and Country for 6.99. A used copy of the Kate Spade book Manners for 4.99

I know a few people I can pass that book on to when I'm done with it. I also got a book about a Christian girl in the city called The Book of Jane for 3.00 and a book about the black elite called Our Kind of People by Lawrence Otis Graham for 2.99 They were all listed as Brand New or Like New condition so I hope they live up to their descriptions. If any of them are really great, I will do a book review. I love summer reading. I also love getting fun mail!

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