Thursday, August 27, 2015

An American in Paris

Last week J and I went to see An American in Paris.  An adaptation of the classic Gene Kelly, this was the best show I've seen in year.  I would rank it up there with my favorite shows of all like Wicked and 42nd Street.  It's sure to become a classic.  I couldn't jump up for a standing ovation fast enough.  There was a lot of ballet which was my favorite part.  My other favorite part was the orchestra playing all of the great Gershwin that I love.  I mean it was an absolute winning combination on that glorious stage.  We didn't even see it with the main lead.  Since we went on a Wednesday night we saw Garen Scribner and I can't imagine anyone playing that part, dancing that role, and having better chemistry with Leanne Cope than him.  It was all superb from start to finish.  I don't think I've ever seen a show where the first act flew by so quickly.  I was completely enraptured.  I really hadn't remembered the story that well from the movie and it's not even the movie that makes the show.  I have a hard time believing I will enjoy Fun Home more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Knockoff

I've read several books this summer, but this one is my favorite:

Imogen, 42 year old editor and chief of a fashion magazine, returns to her magazine after a six months recovering from breast cancer only to find that Eve, her twenty something HBS educated former assistant, has hijacked her publication and turned it into an app.  I can only assume the antagonistic twit that makes Imogen's return to work pure hell is a not so subtle reference to Anne Baxter's character in the classic movie All About Eve.  Although at 33 I'm sandwiched comfortably in between these two characters age wise, I relate so much more to Imogen.  

This book captures the twenty somethings of today perfectly.  I might be slightly more tech savvy than the main character, but I can relate so much more to her than these young girls. I can't stand how they are constantly on their phones during social situations.  I hate their insufferable oversharing on social media.  They just seem overwhelmingly slutty.  I know that's a huge generalization, but clearly the authors of this book have noticed it as well.  This is a page turner for sure and well worth the read.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pregnancy Diet

My sweet husband made me this delicious southwestern salad for dinner.  Now this is how you make a salad.  I cannot understand how people just eat leaves.  I can't imagine going to a restaurant and asking for a pile of lettuce or kale.  Black beans, avocado and broccoli made this so much more than rabbit food.  This year I've probably eaten 1/3 of the sugar I had eaten by this time in 2014.  Nothing motivates healthy eating or exercise like a wedding or a baby.