Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 months to go!

Today has been great so far. The attorneys and staff in my office were going to a Minnesota Lynx game today. I hadn't planned on going, but there was an extra ticket. I thought it might be a hockey team or local baseball (boring) team. Luckily it is the WNBA team here and they were playing the Seattle Storm. Now I am totally out of the loop. The last time I paid attention to the WNBA was exactly seven summers ago when I was living in Orlando going to Miracle games. So guess who joined the Seattle Storm in March. That's right, Sheryl Swoopes!!! Love her. I forgot how much I love basketball. Seattle won. yay. I obviously would never root for anything Minnesota.

This week I have a 140 hour final. Fortunately, there is a 50 page limit. I have so much to do in the next few months and so little motivation. There is this black coat from Forever21 that was advertised in the July issue of Marie Claire. I called the store and looked on-line but they don't have it yet. (otherwise I would totally post a pic) I want it now. I know it's July. I will be patient.

P.S. Less than 5 months till I get out of here. woohoo!

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