Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cat's Meow

Last night at an Upright Citizen's Brigade show I learned a very disturbing piece of trivia. There are many old people who live alone in the city with their cat(s) or dog(s). When they die, it might be several days before anyone discovers they have passed. While dogs will wait roughly six days to start chowing down on their deceased owners, cats start in after just one day. And they start by eating the face! I may have to rethink this living alone thing that I love. The idea of getting a cat has been permanently shelved.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Colorful Friday

I finally got a chance to check out C. Wonder today and I loved it.  I want everything there from the striped tops to this green and navy tweed jacket.  I also want every single thing at Kate Spade!  Today Kate Spade was offering a free ride to anywhere in the city so L and I took a short ride to Louis Vuitton.  
We should have taken it to the Doughnut Plant because that was a long walk.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Private Manhattan

My office is located in the Chanin Building across the street from Grand Cental Station and caddy corner to the Chrysler building.  It's a busy commute and the incessant droves of people don't seem to let up even when I reach my floor.  The constant barrage of coworkers in the kitchen and break room leave me without a single moment of peace.  Despite my desire to live south of 14th street, on hectic days it's a pleasure to return to my peaceful block on the edge of the Upper East Side.

So many parts of Manhattan are so trampled upon that I often find myself desirous of a special nook to call my own.  I envy Washington Mews, Sniffen Court, and Pomander Walk dwellers.  In the past I've always said I'd like a Classic 6 where the doorman sends you straight up so you don't need a key.  Truthfully, I never adapted to my last doorman building and the lack of privacy it entailed.  Give me a key to Gramercy Park or a gated street and I'll never complain again.  Or at least, not as much.     

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taking it Back

I really can't buy anything new for a while so I made my dad send me my classic bass bucks.  They've been sitting in my room since high school collecting dust.  When he asked me if he should throw them out I replied with an emphatic No!  I can dust these suckers off and wear them now.  I had these shoes in every size from first grade until my feet stopped growing.  I will always love them.