Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Last Ship

I could talk about Broadway shows all day every day.  Just yesterday an attorney I work with told me her husband is in the orchestra of The Lion King and I got super excited.  Monday evening I got a call from my lovely friend J while I was at work.  She had tickets to see The Last Ship and she invited me to go along.  I was supposed to work late that night so I paused and she started in on the description.  I quickly stopped her with a big fat yes.

All I really know was that Sting had written all the music and that they story was inspired by his childhood.  This show was so different than all the others I've seen this year.  With a mostly male cast, it told the story of Gideon, who returns to his English hometown after 15 years to find that much has changed.  So many shows I see are female driven and take place in New York.  While I love that, this story was a refreshing change.  My favorite part was the music.  The cast sounded like a choir at times and there were some real stand out voices.  The show opened in October so I will be interested to see how long it runs.

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