Monday, November 3, 2014


Unfortunately, I've been reading a lot less lately.  My work schedule and the return of fall television shows doesn't allow me the time.  There is also the matter of running out of books.  My favorite authors just don't write quickly enough.  I finished these two in the last couple weeks and that's about it.  Murder in a Basket, the second in its series, was a decent mystery, but I figured out who did it pretty early on.  


L.A. Candy was the first in Lauren Conrad's series loosely based on her own time on The Hills.  I never imagined this book would be so good.  I wasn't prepared for the cliffhanger ending though.  It was so frustrating to not have not have the next book in the series on hand.  I've been a fan of L.C. since her Laguna Beach days.  Despite her perfect hair and clothing, she is just so relatable just like the protagonist she bases on herself.  It would make a great beach read and I hope to take her other books along for some of the plane rides I have ahead of me in the next couple months.

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~S~ said...

I have a trip to LA coming up in March and have been looking for an easy read. I'll have to pick up LC's book!