Friday, November 7, 2014

Songs in the Key of Life

Since the first anniversary present is traditionally paper, I went with Stevie Wonder tickets as a present for my husband.  Last night we went to Madison Square Garden and saw one of the great musicians in earth's history.  I wasn't prepared to be among the youngest there.

India Arie performed with him on a couple songs, and Whoopi Goldberg got up on stage and danced with with everyone as he played his last song.  All the songs were from his Songs in the Key of Life album, which I mention was one of my top ten favorite of all time six years ago here.  Needless to say I was elated when he played As, one of the most amazing songs that has ever been written. What a privilege it was to hear him perform live.  He played a harmonica duet!  I could gush on and on but my sister is going to the concert in Atlanta in a couple weeks and doesn't want any spoilers.  I first fell in love with Stevie Wonder when he was on The Cosby Show but I really started checking out all his old albums when Mariah said he was her favorite.  I love Stevie Wonder.  I love New York.  I never want to leave.  The end.

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