Wednesday, November 26, 2014


You know when you love something and you feel compelled to tell everyone about it.  I've been listening to podcasts for a little over a year now and I wanted to talk about a few of my favorites. 

(1) This American Life - Everyone knows about this show already.

(2) Serial - I got turned on to Serial when it debuted on This American Life several weeks ago.  I was immediately hooked and I tune in every Thursday to hear the new episode.  This first installation will total twelve episodes and follows a fifteen year old murder case.  The man whose been in jail for the murder all this time had little motive and was based on the testimony of one alleged witness who changed his story and lied about important details of the case.  And there was no physical evidence linking they guy in jail to the crime.  The witness just recently made his facebook profile semi-private.  Prior to that you could see all his information with a simple search.  The way Sarah Koenig reports on this case is mildly frustrating at times, but she is a journalist and not an attorney so I try to forgive the naive level of faith she has in the Baltimore's police investigators and legal system circa 1999.  It's gripping and definitely my favorite podcast ever.  This one appeals to me as a lawyer.  

(3) The Radical Personal Finance Podcast - This podcast is incredible.  This host, a financial advisor, interviews early retirees, minimalists and others approaching their financial lives in a way most middle class Americans would deem radical.  Many of his topics and interviewees follow principles similar to those of the Mustachians on the Mr. Money Mustache forum.  He also comes from a Christian perspective which I really appreciate.  As someone with a bachelors in finance and associates in economics, who still managed to make the poor choice of taking on a great deal of law school debt, this one appeals to me on many levels.

(4) The Read - This is one of the most popular podcasts out there.  I cannot possibly explain my love for this show.  There is far too much profanity and Beyonce worship for my taste. Nevertheless, I laugh like crazy and I absolutely live for their reader questions.  There is something inexplicable about their banter that draws me in until I star googling the random rappers and d list celebrities they talk smack about.  They also make a lot of sense about a lot of things even though I disagree with them often.  

I realize these are quite a hodge podge of shows but each one serves an interest of mine.

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