Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top Ten Albums

I cannot wait until my copyright final is over tomorrow. Then it will just be one more paper, a couple clients to weed through, and I'm done. Ugh it never ends. I hate school.

I love music. I love making lists. I don't think I've ever made a list of my favorite albums of all time so here is my attempt. I am just going with whatever comes to mind first so I know I'll look at this later and think, wha wha? Lots of ladies on this list!

10. So many singles on this one. I just heard she is getting divorced. Sad. Oh well, time for a new album lady.

9. I was cool in middle school cause I had this CD.

8. I discovered this album late in life. My favorite song is "As." If R&B was still like this I might actually listen to it.

7. Inspirational and timeless. I love these boys. I saw them at Irving Plaza and they did not dissapoint one bit.

6. I haven't listened to this as much as the others but it's just so pro-woman and intelligent.

5. I can listen to this album on repeat for weeks and weeks and nothing else. Best song. "She's Electric"

4. If you don't own this album then you are a seriously disturbed person and I am afraid of you.

3. This used to be my favorite album. It's so fun and her voice is so sweet.

2. As someone incapable of taking the easy route, I couldn't help but select this album. It was hard though because Wide Open Spaces is an amazing album and it kind of deserves this spot.


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