Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost There

My finals are over, but I still have so much to do. Huge paper and 2 meetings of creditors for my bankruptcy clients all due tomorrow. One of my clients is such a nightmare. She didn't send me any of the documents I need for for out meeting at court tomorrow and I just know something is bound to go terribly wrond. My supervising attorney is a piece of work. Whoever said that Minnesotans are nice lied.

In better news, I am getting so wound up for Italy. I know I don't need to be buying any more junk, but I really want this twilly from hermes.

I would also like this Kate Spade bag.

Not for Italy. Just for church in New York this weekend. For some reason I always like to have a nice outfit for church. I guess it's the only day of the week I get to dress up the way that I like to dress up. I don't like work attire and I always feel somwhat uncomfortable in clubbing clothes. I have this perfect white dress from J Crew that I haven't worn yet. I love wearing white because it always makes me look SO tan. Everywhere I look I see nice green accesories that would be perfect to wear with this dress. In MinneCRAPolis, MinneSNOWta I am still wearing wool argyle skirts, knee high socks, and cable knit sweaters. Cute, just not in May.

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