Monday, May 12, 2008

My weird thing

I am obsessed with undergraduate colleges and admissions (at any level of education). I went to the anti-prep of undergraduate universities. But I never actually dated anyone who went there. However, I did go out with men from many fine preppy institutions while living in the city. One of the first questions I always ask a date, or any guy I am potentially interested in, is where he went to college? Somewhere along the line in my dating life I developed what can only be described as an ivy fetish. I am also enjoy making lists immensely. And so, I decided to make a list of the undergraduate institutions I believe churn out the most eligible boyfriends. Just my opinion and I should disclose that although undergrad is what I place most significance on, some of this is based on where fellas went for their JDs, MDs, MBAs, or PHDs. I've never dated anyone who went to Yale although I have met some cuties who went there, and the mere thought of any man who went to Princeton other than Wentworth Miller makes me gag.

10. This is the first of two schools on my list that Ms. Birnbach would say is out of the league, but my experience has taught me otherwise. Lacoste polos with popped collars are preppy enough for me. And yes, people joke that it is the easiest ivy to get into, but hey there are some serious hotties running around Manhattan who went there. Athough there are at least 30 schools I can think of off hand that are more exclusive than Cornell, this school is still nothing to scoff at. Plus my friend S is going there for her B-school this fall so now I feel like I have to defend it.

Tied for 7-9 are my southern choices and they are in no particular order. Not often, but every now and then I will meet a nice southern boy from one of these fine institutions. If I really wanted to find them I could always just go back to Augusta. Southern gentlemen attend these schools. Not only that, I have met some northerners who I believe picked up a thing or to about how to treat a lady while going to school down south. Manners are key. Auburn is the only public school that I could concieve of letting onto my list. If you are from the south, then you know that those boys are perfectly respectable. They just really like football.

6. These boys are sometimes (ok mostly) legacies, but often the ones I met really took the time to try to find the best fit for them in a college which I truly respect.

5. Amherst boys are not ubiquitous in the city, but whenever I venture to Massachusetts I meet them in droves. They are so cute and nice and easy to be with. Definitely 4 stars.

4. These boys are hands down the best kissers. It is with these boys that I have the most experience. They may be players but I love em. Never could get enough of them. I never got the chance to try out a Wharton graduate, which as a Stern grad I think is ironic, but there is a rivalry so maybe it's for the best.

3. Now this is not the Wheaton in Norton, Mass. that people might initially think. This is the one outside Chicago for which my southern Presbyterian preparatory school was a feeder. The boys who go here could have gone to most of the ivys but they didn't because they knew this Christian college was it for them and I highly respect that. These boys are dependable and never lacking in ambition. I will always love them even if I have to leave Manhattan to run into them.

2. The second on the list that is not technically preppy but whatever! As an undergrad at NYU where most of the male population bats for the other team (seriously I cannot tell you how many times I was devastated to discover that my year long crushes would NEVER be interested) men from Columbia are like the holy grail. In fact, when I told a woman from my church in Augusta that I would be heading to New York University for school, she told me that her girlfriend went to NYU and met a man from Columbia and they got married. This created a lot of false hope for me. See the problem in undergrad was that the appeal of the village was way to great for me to take any interest in traveling up to Morningside Heights. It was after college that I discovered the vast wealth that Columbia has to offer. These men are hot, cosmopolitan, Type A, and although they don't know their way around Manhattan, they definitely know the way to my heart. sigh.

1. V, my bf, went there. He is brilliant and ambitious. Plus, I enjoy the Harvard Club in New York, so even though he is the only person I have ever dated who went there, it's an easy choice.

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