Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roman Holiday

In a week and two days I will be leaving for Rome for a week with my sister and my boyfriend. It's so close that I can't focus on studying. All I can focus on is Rome. I have already packed my suitcase and I am debating whether on not I should add certain things. It's supposed to be in the mid 70s, in stark contrast to Minnesota right now. So I will be unpacking my burberry scarf. I will be foregoing heels as everyone keeps mentioning the cobble stone streets that make wearing them impractical. If it's anything like the meat packing district in New York than I definitely wouldn't be able to work the stilettos. I will be taking my lacoste mary janes (because the Chanel ones that I covet are $650 but they will be MINE one day because they have my name on them and I am visualizing them on my feet right now), sketchers, and black flats.

Unfortunately, I will also be packing many empire waisted shirts to hide what staying in doors with only food to comfort me all winter has done to me.

Of course I will be taking my monogrammed version of this on the plane. I wanna use the marc jacobs bag my boyfriend gave me for my birthday but I'm scared it will get slashed. People make Rome sound kind of scary talking about pickpockets and cunning children who will provide a distraction while someone grabs your bag. I hope this won't be my experience.

Still I am so excited to go and I think it could be the best trip ever. I have always dreamed of going to Italy.

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