Friday, June 20, 2008

6 months to go!

Wow! I can't believe I blogged 6 days in a row over a month ago. I was really procrastinating during exam time. Well I am working full time this summer and taking 2 classes, but I don't feel stressed yet.

Rome was fantastic. I tried not to be a fashion disaster. I rocked such classics as the classic trench (banana cause i can't afford burberry)

j crew summer dress
lacoste polo

but as usual there were the total misses:

Shooting for Blair Waldorf, ending up Lauren Conrad, ugh
Abercrombie sweater, double ugh
Abercrombie shirt, when will I learn
It's a process. But since I have been back my vacation I am already improving. The following are already in my closet or on the way. I have been eyeing this hoodie for months and I sincerely hope no one I know has the gaul to get it because it's MINE! and there's this
Kate Spade had the best sample sale this week. I feel so lucky. This green bag isn't the one I orginally wanted but it is perfect for me. My roomate informed that it's ok to get diaper bags, so I did. I think she has the same one. It's perfect for interviews.
Maybe I will get back in the blogging mood now.

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