Thursday, January 15, 2015

Honeymoon In Vegas

My dad visited me this weekend and we had a blast.  Thanks to the USO we were able to score free tickets to a show I was not at all excited to see and had to intention of buying tickets, Honeymoon in Vegas.  The previous weekend we went to see Into the Woods off-Broadway.  The gentleman sitting next to my husband told us it was really good and really funny.  I did not believe him at all.  Boy, was I wrong?  I absolutely loved it.  I've never seen the movie and knew nothing of the plot.  Well the show is funny and fabulous.  All the songs move the plot along really well.  The actors have great comedic timing and awesome speaking voices.  The set was colorful and interesting which always makes a show more accessible for me.  Tony Danza even tap dances.  

We also took my dad to our favorite Indian buffet at Moti Mahal Deluxe, visited the Paley Center for Media (my favorite museum), and tried a new for me Italian restaurant, Dopo East.  It was way too cold for a visit, but we had a great time anyway.  

By the way Into the Woods good as well.  It was nothing like the Broadway version I saw many years ago starring Vanessa Williams when my dad came to visit.  With just a ten person cast, the show had a much more intimate feel.  They took liberties, rapping one song.  I laughed way more than the big production I saw over a decade ago and it was refreshing although not as spectacular as seeing Vanessa Williams on stage with a full Broadway set.  

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Jammie said...

I didn't even realize they had a musical for "Honeymoon in Vegas." Would LOVE to see "Into the Woods" though!