Friday, January 16, 2015

Go Grizzlies
I was not the best New Yorker the other night.  In my defense I have only lived in Manhattan so I root for the Knicks.  Since getting married I have also become an avid Grizzlies fan.  I was super excited to attend the Nets vs. Grizzlies game on Wednesday night.  It was a really fun game . . . if you're a Grizzlies fan.  I actually started to feel bad when the Nets fans abandoned their team and started rooting for Memphis's team.  I'd been to Jay Z and Kanye West concerts at Barclays, but never a game.  This was my first time checking out the food stands and I must say they were pretty good.  We chose Calexico and though I considered the prices to be exorbitant, I was happy with my delicious nachos. 

I went to a Knicks vs. Pacers game many years ago at Madison Square Garden and it was much more lively.  This game was so serene.  I wasn't on my feet cheering wildly and the Nets were pretty lucky it was only 103-92 by the end.  After we got off the subway we stopped by sprinkles which made this the absolute perfect date.  As soon as it gets warmer I am totally going to try one of their red velvet ice cream sandwiches or even a red velvet ice cream cone.  I still cannot believe those things actually exist and I cannot wait to try them. 

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Jammie said...

Whoa---a red velvet ice cream cone and/or sandwich?? I know where we're going next time I'm in New York. I don't care if it will be winter. :D