Sunday, September 28, 2014


C and I spent five days in Aruba over last weekend and it was a dream.  We were there to attend a wedding and we used it as an opportunity to get in some vacation time too.  We didn't do much except for swim and read under a cabana.  I experienced less of the culture in Aruba than in any foreign country I've ever visited, including Canada.  Regrettably, I didn't get to taste any traditional Aruban cuisine.  However, I did get to go out on the town via party bus the first night.  That was super fun and something I'd never done.  This was also my first time attending a beach wedding and I really think it's a fantastic way to get married. They were basically on vacation with a bunch of friends and family so the couple really got to spend ample time with their guests.

bird interaction
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I've never held three parrots at one time and it was my first time parasailing.  We could see huge sea turtles swimming way out in the ocean.  I was having so much fun and the weather was so beautiful that I really didn't want to come back to the grind.  After getting settled on the plane, a flight attendant asked if we could move over one sweet so the prime minister and his wife could sit across the aisle from each other.  He was very cordial, shaking our hands and telling us we were always welcome back.  I would be happy to go back any time.

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