Friday, October 3, 2014

Speed Read

The best books are ones that you simply can't put down because they're good.  These three books share that in common if nothing else.

Arm Candy tells the story of a small town girl who ends up a model in Manhattan.  It follows her entrancing love life from her teen years through age 39.  A Plain Death is a murder mystery whose protagonist is a computer science/information systems whiz who moves to small town Ohio and unexpectedly gets an Amish roommate on her rumspringa.  Finally, Imperfect Bliss chronicles the life of a recent divorcee living at home with her parents while trying to finish up her PhD, while her younger sister participates on a reality show called "The Virgin."  I've read other books by these authors and while the three couldn't be more different, they all know how to capture a complex female character in a smart fun read.

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