Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seen This Summer

Gone are the days when I have absolutely nothing to watch during the summer.  I am very thankful for this and I wanted to share some of my favorites of this past summer that I hope will return. They're not going to be nominated for any Emmys, but they sure serve their purpose of entertaining me for a good twenty minutes.

Candidly Nicole brings me immense joy.  I am a huge fan of Nicole Richie.  I have her book and I find every single thing she ever says to be hilarious.  I hope her show never ever goes away.  It's the first thing I've watched on VH1 since 2005, or maybe longer.  Mystery Girls doesn't even attempt to have great writing but I will watch Kelly and Donna on any show they do together til the day I die.  Young and Hungry is just super cute.

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