Saturday, April 19, 2014


My first time in New Orleans was back in 2006 to check out Tulane Law School.  I decided against my dad's alma mater because it was a bit depressing to be there right after Hurricane Katrina.  Well I got a chance to revisit this weekend for a wedding and it was one of the most fun weekends ever.
We had delicious beignet's from Cafe Du Monde that we ate on our way to the Ruby Slipper, a great brunch spot!  I of course had the southern breakfast complete with a biscuit, grits, and fried green tomato. 
southern breakfast complete with biscuit, grits, and fried green tomato
C's breakfast complete with cheese grits
I love being in a walking city and the weather was absolutely perfect for leisurely strolling through the French Quarter.  The best part of the weekend was the wedding.  Following a romantic ceremony we did the second line, where you follow a live brass band from the ceremony to the reception parade style.  It was really fun.  The band was awesome and they played Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers which made the whole night for me.  I love love and I love Nola.
The Bride and Groom danced with these umbrellas!

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