Friday, April 18, 2014

Fairly Legal

Fairly Legal has been cancelled for a while now. Nevertheless, I am newly inspired to find a better job and am a bit concerned about my current work wardrobe.  Thankfully I have black flats, and several pairs of suitable heels.  I have a great trench, strand of pearls, navy blazer, black pant suit, and navy pin striped skirt suit from Brooks Brothers.  Several of the basics are covered, but for the last couple years I have been working for a firm so casual that all my suits and business casual attire has been hidden from view on the back rack of my closet.  I don't know if things will stiff fit or what condition they are in.  I do know that I will likely need several blouses, a couple dress shirts, and at least two pair of new pants to carry me through the first couple weeks at a new job, whenever I am blessed enough to find it.  I started thinking about what look(s) I am going for based on how I desire to be perceived in the workplace.  Fairly Legal immediately came to mind because I absolutely adored both Kate's and Lauren's wardrobes on the show.

Lauren's looks are very crisp and formal.  Whereas Kate's attire is far less formal, yet still professional.
I would need a shorter skirt.
love this coat!
Virginia Williams White Dress Fairly Legal Fairly Legal
great color combo on kate


I am inspired by everything from their hair, to their accessories.  I think I would like to borrow elements from both of them.  One issue I've always had with business attire is that button down tops are horribly unflattering on me because my torso is so short.  They also make me sweat like no other.  One solution may be to get short tops that I can wear untucked.

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