Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Night Only

My bachelorette party was only my second.  My friend S's back in August was my first and it set a pretty high bar with the most fun karaoke ever.  My last night out as a single woman could not have been better.  

We started off at a vegetarian restaurant in the east village called Table Verte.  I ordered three amazing courses.  For an appetizer I had their pumpkin soup. I opted for the delicious gnocchi parisian for my entree. For dessert I devoured the banana brulee which was like a fancy creme brulee version of banana pudding.  I would highly highly recommend this restaurant.
Bride to Be glasses, tiara, and boa courtesy of the lovely J who showed up despite battling a stomach flu that day.  I felt so loved!
We then embarked on a scavenger hunt organized by my other friend (and bridesmaid) J who was the hostess for the evening.  We took pictures of street signs signifying the age at which I had my first kiss, plus one at the bar where I had my most awkward kiss, a video of strangers giving me marriage advice among other challenges.  Finally we ended up at an underground bar called Home Sweet Home for my last night of dancing as a single lady.

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molecularshyness said...

I love how much your friends love you! Sounds like the party was fun, and personalized just for you.