Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Shows

My favorite new show this fall is Reign, the story of Mary Queen of Scots.  Typically I'm not a huge fan of period dramas, but for some reason this show fascinates me.  I think it's all the politics of "marrying a country" not a person when you are duty bound to your country.  I know there must be plenty of historical inaccuracies, but I still feel like I'm learning.  Already I've read wikipedia pages for Mary as well as Nostradamus.

IN NEED OF ROYALLY-MANDATED FUN Reign is in need of more play and less work, especially after such a scandalous premiere.

I've also added The Tomorrow People, The Originals, Ravenswood, Super Fun Night, Sleepy Hollow, and the Blacklist to my lineup.  I really don't have time for all this, but my TV addiction is worse than my food one.  Also, I have very little hope that more than a couple of these shows will earn a second season.

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