Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Night

Last night my amazing friend C got R, S, and I VIP passes to the Kanye West show at Barclays.  We entered the VIP lounge around the same time as Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour.  I looked "the devil" herself square in the face and she didn't scowl or frown.  She had a perfectly pleasant smile on her face and I could barely hold it together.  I love my life.

Photobooth in VIP lounge was broken so we took selfies.
It was their idea.
The concert was awesome.  He did most of my favorites and fortunately I watched the Bound 2 video five minutes before leaving work since I appreciate music more when it's more familiar to me.  I feel like Kanye and I are kindred spirits for two reasons.  He is both deeply self aware and deeply honest.  Unabashed honesty is about as rare as a music video getting played on MTV.  But I know first hand that the truth will set you free, regardless of how uncomfortable and angry it makes people.

Dancers who did not dance?
White Jesus?
Red eyed monster thing?
Unfortunately, every aspect of this performance other than the music went over my head.  I loved it anyway.

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