Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Movies

Even though I'm way more into television than I am into movies, I did see a few trailers during movies this summer that got me super excited for fall. 
Pitch Perfect might be my perfect movie. I like a lot of women in my movies and I really like a lot of singing and I absolutely love tight harmonies. If it's anything like the previews, I will be purchasing it on DVD.

The three times I saw it on Broadway were awesome and I expect nothing less from the movie version since Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway are involved.  I love Anne so much and after seeing her play Selina Kyle this summer in Batman I looooove her.  

So I read the book last year and also watched the Robert Redford version.  Robert Redford is a beautiful beautiful man. Wait, this movie got pushed to 2013.  Why?!  Everytime I am excited about a movie it's far in the future.  That is why I need tv.

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