Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Inspiration

Here is a picture of my favorite Olympic moment thus far.  I was devastated for Aly Raisman, when she was denied the bronze medal in the All-Around competition in favor of Mustafina due to an arbitrary tie-breaker rule.  When the score was tabulated for the individual balance beam competition and Aly came up short of the bronze again I was shocked by her undeserved fourth place score.  The looks of defeat on Aly and her coach's face were so sad.  But then Aly, pointed her coach to the crowd above where Marta & Bela Karolyi, along with Kathy Kelly (pictured above), yelled to Aly's coach instructing him to get an inquiry.  I almost cried when the recalculation led to a tie breaker that resulted in Aly's favor this time.

I was happy that she got her medal, but I was even more touched to see how these coaches really had her back.  When you care about a person, you should be outraged when she is treated unfairly and denied what she deserves.  Too often people expect their friends and loved ones to just shrug off insults or injustices.  I want to emulate and surround myself with people like the Karolyis.  People who will stick up for you and fight for you are so much better than people who want you to toughen up or accept defeat.  When you love someone, you never tell them to get over it.  You only try to make it right.

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