Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I actually went to Podunk in July but I am just getting around to posting.  I have a been working long hours and went on a little trip and well those are my excuses.  My friend J introduced me to this cute little place on E 5th street near 2nd ave and it was absolutely perfect.  For once I actually enjoyed the tea.  I got some non-caffeinated fruity flavor.  The little biscuits and jam were yummy.  It's just a cozy little place with tea sandwiches and scones.  In typical east village fashion there is a mish mash of furniture that creates a casual homey atmosphere.  Just a little old lady in the back whipping up tea. 

Podunk in East Village
I try not to let it bother me that I don't live in the east village and go to these cute little places all the time anymore. You grow up, move to the UES, and start going to old people restaurants and the random sports bar. That's just how life goes. I think I've finally come to accept that I'm a downtown girl livin in an uptown world I might never live below 14th street again.

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