Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Have a Cow

So I was raised a vegetarian until the age of 12, when my parents said that I could make the meat eating decicion for myself.  I chose meat.  That decision had me eating chicken approximately once a month and turkey at Thanksgiving. Freshman year at NYU, my vegetarian roomate grew envious of my Chicken Tikka but she didn't want to hurt the animals.  So for spring break I told her that I would be vegetarian and save those animals so that she could eat meat for a week.  When we came back from spring break we decided to make the switch permanent.  So from spring of 2001 until August 17, 2012 I didn't eat meat. 

C, a carnivore, offered to go vegetarian for a full month if I would in turn, give a quality steak a try.  The partial junior whopper I tasted from Burger King as a teenager was apparently not an acceptable barometer for my judgment of not liking beef.  C wanted me to taste a steak because maybe if I had really good cow, then I would like it.  So we went to The Palm restaurant in Tribeca.  I have to say that despite my anxiety, I really enjoyed myself.  There are cartoons all over the wall of celebrities and socialites that frequent The Palm.

Filet Mignon at The Palm in Tribeca
As for my steak, I would give it a B.  I liked it.  But I didn't think it was as good as french fries, my all time fave food.  It was much denser than veggie meat so I only ate about 1/3 that night and another third the next day.  I'm glad I tried it because I think it's important to experience new things.  I can see why someone who grew up eating meat wouldn't want to settle for tofu, beans, nuts, quinoa, and soy based products.  As for me, I think I just like all those aforementioned choices better.  Plus they have the added bonus of being cheaper, healthier, and cruelty free.  I'm back to being a vegetarian again, but if anyone else wants to go vegetarian for a month and then treat me to a dinner of quality meat, I'm down.  P.S. The donuts at The Palm are delicious and made to order.

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Anonymous said...

ha! love it. kind of wish you had told me about this in full when we were at lunch so i could hear all the 'juicy' details ;) how did c fare with the switch?