Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I recently watched a fantastic movie on The Movie Channel called Sorority House. The movie is from 1939. Two college girls try to get into a sorority and its all about how much money the girls have and the one girl is denied because she dated a sister's former boyfriend. It constantly amazes me how women worried about the very same things 70 years ago that they do now. I had the same reaction to the older version of The Women. I didn't know women were going to gyms back in 1939. My vision of 1939 is very Little House on the Prairie. I know that those stories are based in the 1800s but I just don't picture sororities and gyms. I picture farms.

The black satin Kate Spade Karolinas I have been wanting for so long are now on ebay for a very nice price. I am so scared that if I start bidding, the price will skyrocket. I typically lose ebay auctions. I find it stressful. I feel like everybody else has this system for figuring out how to get the last bid in, but I don't know that system. I need something good to happen to me today, so here's hoping. Only an 1 hr and 40 minutes to go.

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