Thursday, September 3, 2009

The September Issue

I have been fascinated with Anna Wintour ever since I read The Devil Wears Prada. The movie was great but as much as I love Meryl, I was much more excited to see the devil herself. So my friend A and I went to see The September Issue and it was really funny. I'm sure it was made to show the EIC of Vogue in the most flattering light possible, but the true star of the documentary is Grace Coddington who doesn't hold back her unhappiness with Anna's decisions. There is lots of tension when Anna keeps cutting pictures from Grace's issue from board for the September issue. I love the disapproving looks Anna gives people. If you care at all about fashion I think you will enjoy this movie.

There are lots of fall movies I am excited for after a very boring summer for film:

Capitalism: A Love Story (opens September 23rd). I went to a school where I'm fairly confident that membership in the Republican Party was a requirement for teachers. For some strange reason my staunchly republican A.P. Government teacher screened the movie Ben & Me. I have gone to see every Michael Moore movie since and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Fame (September 25). Kherrington Payne from So You Think You Can Dance season 2 and Natari Naughton from 3lw both star in this remake and I expect it to be fabulous.

Good Hair (October 9). I just saw a preview for this Chris Rock documentary when I went to see the September Issue. I didn't realize it was going to be a comedy when I first heard about it but it is and that is fantastic.

Precious (November 6). Mariah Carey's 4th movie. They keep getting better and better and this movie has a lot of buzz. I hope it's as good as they are saying.

The Princess and the Frog (opens November 25th). I love Disney and it's been a while since they've made a new princess movie.

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Anonymous said...

I def want to see those fall movies - I'm just scared that I won't be into Precious because the subject matter is so harsh.

I didn't even know about the new Michael Moore film...