Monday, January 19, 2009


Am I the only one that watches Privileged on the CW? I have yet to find anyone else who watches and it's a cryin shame. I love this show. Megan, the main character, is so smart and earnest. It's set in West Palm Beach. She tutors rich girls whose grandmother wants them to attend Duke like their parents (who've passed away). The boys on the show are hotties. And Joanna Garcia who plays Megan is engaged to Justin Timberlake's BFF Trace Ayala. I really can't explain how awesome this show is, but just watch it. So good.

P.S. Megan's sister is named Lilly, perhaps a tribute to Lilly Pulitzer?


Anonymous said...

it's Lilly. So. Maybe.

but you know - can't watch everything...

suburban prep said...

I have seen this when I have the time. It is a cute show. I read the book that this is based on and I really enjoyed it.