Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review: Schooled

So I just finished Schooled by Anisha Lakhani. Loved it. Could not put this book down. In this book, a recent Columbia grad takes a job at the fictional Langdon Hall prep school on the UES. She is scarily naive and overeager at the beginning. She is so so poor which I strongly identified with. I respected her decision when she started taking $200/hr "tutoring" jobs. Lakhani tells her story as if she is giving up every last detail from her real life experience as a tutor only changing the names. Her descriptions of the kids, the moms, the apartments , her borderline pedophillic attraction to a tutee are so outrageous, but not to outrageous to not be 1000% believable. (Is it sick that I just LOVE to hear about apts on park ave? All I want to see all day long is people coming off the apt and walking straight into Blair Waldorf's apt. No doorbell. No door. Just stepoff the elevator and you're home. I am obsessed.) She meets mom's at Sarabeth's, gets her hair dyed blond on the 9th floor at Bergdorf's and gets coffee at Sant Ambroeus (just like B from GG.) Best part of this book: no love interest. Just a young lady doin it for herself in Manhattan.

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