Friday, January 30, 2009

A Girl can Dream . . . can't She?

Looking for an apt in Manhattan is a very demoralizing experience, particularly when one has no job (or wealthy benefactor). Dreaming up ways to decorate an imaginary apt is much more uplifting. I only have three pieces of furniture - a full size bed with no bed frame, a small wooden bookshelf, and a cedar chest - so I can pretty much dream up anything. I have most of the clothes I need now, so I think setting up the vision for my future apartment is the next task. I should mention that I am a terrible decorator. I like the idea of preppy furniture, but I don't like the idea of a pinkish living room, or bedroom for that matter. I do like the idea of:

1. a monogrammed pillow for my bed
2. polka dot dishes
3. a monogrammed blanket for times when I wanna curl up on the couch
4. a bright green rug
5. a big comfortable couch

Also, this post has a bunch of inspiring closets. If anyone has preppy furniture ideas. Show me. Show me.

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