Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bahamas: Come On Pretty Mama

Our summer trip was a cruise to the Bahamas with C's side of the family.  When I say that I married into the best family in the world, I am not bragging.  It's just a fact.  I love having nieces and nephews.  The hugs and smiles melt my heart.  I was way more nervous to go on this cruise than I ever have been to get on a plane.  After reading about Tina Fey's honeymoon experience in Bossypants, I was skeptical.  I found the part at the beginning where we found out where the life rafts were to be fairly ominous.  An hour later all my worries were forgotten as I indulged in all you can eat cruise life.  I even ordered room service at one point.  My peanut butter & jelly sandwich was delivered to my room on a platter with chips and cookies to boot.  I imagined myself reading a lot by the pool and getting a massage in the spa, but with all the stops and eating and family togetherness I never had any downtime.   

We had stops in Freeport and Nassau.  Freeport was pretty boring just like everyone warned us, but I enjoyed getting to know a little about the tax free country.  We saw the homes of Sammy Davis Jr., John Travolta, Count Basie, and possibly Oprah.  The next day in Nassau was tons of fun when we went to the Atlantis Resort.  We got to swim, go down a slide, and best of all, swim with the dolphins.
petting alpha-male Hercules
After our kiss, Hercules was kind enough to push me along on my boogie board.

After that we swam around with Hercules and another dolphin.  They did lots of jumps for us at the end.  If I ever go back to the Bahamas I would head straight for Atlantis.  Cruises make for a great family trip IMHO.  If you're just looking to have fun with people you love and not necessarily try to explore a country in depth, it's perfect.  

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