Thursday, March 27, 2014

Call me Al

Last night C and I went to our very first Broadway show together, Aladdin.  Broadway musicals may be my favorite part of the city, but not for C.  I think he really appreciated the 3rd row center seats though.  It was a huge song and dance show and everything you really want in a musical.  There was even tap dancing, which I love love love.  The costumes were fun.  The Genie was a huge hit and even takes a moment to sing some non Aladdin Disney Classics.  Clifton Davis, the reverend on the old Saturday night sitcom "Amen," played the sultan so I even recognized someone.  Lion King is still my favorite of the Disney musicals, but Aladdin was definitely a huge hit with me.   Hopefully we will win the lottery for Book of Mormon one day soon.

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