Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Celebration 2: Le Cirque

I didn't think I'd have any time to celebrate with my rigorous work schedule and all, but I was fortunate to partake in not one, but three delicious celebrations all at restaurants starting with the letter L.  The fanciest of all was on my actual birthday with C.  For most of the last decade I have commuted from the Upper East Side to Midtown for work, so I have walked by Le Cirque many times.  I never made my way inside for a meal until last week and it was absolutely fantastic.  I started with the butternut squash soup and since I'm a vegetarian they offered me their off the menu pasta primavera.  The waiter told us a story about the Italian chef who opened the French restaurant and made his native pasta, but with a French flare.  Mine was delicious and was prepared right front of our table.  It was a real treat and I have never been made to feel so special for being vegetarian.
Pasta Primavera
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C had the lamb
Of course my favorite part was the dessert.  I had a Le Cirque specialty, a lady finger with a dark chocolate stove covering.  

Chocolate Stove Cake

C's Banana Souffle

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