Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Weekend

I had a lot more time off this past weekend than usual and I definitely tried to maximize it.  I got in a little gym time, that was immediately undone by an Arnold Palmer and tasty sides like white corn pudding at Hill Country Barbeque.
Hill Country Barbeque
As if, mac & cheese, white corn pudding, and green bean casserole weren't unhealthy enough, we decided to make a caramel cake. It turned out great though.  I know I am a greedy monster because despite my cake I was green with envy that my sister took these cake pops in for who coworkers instead of sending them overnight mail to me.
We watched Jack Reacher which was surprisingly good to me. Typically, I am not a big Tom Cruise person.    I finished a book and got way more sleep than usual so overall the weekend was a huge success.

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Jammie said...

That food looks and sounds delicious! Caramel cake sounds so good right now; I'm missing some dulce de leche in my life right now. :)

And ya --- I thought the same about "Jack Reacher"! I put off watching it for so long, but once I saw it, I thought it was entertaining. I don't want to like Tom Cruise, and yet somehow, I can't help myself. :)