Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It Bag

So I have been needing a new work bag and also a new tote bag (bigger than my vineyard vines University of Mnnesota one) for some time now. I've come to the conclusion now that there probably isn't one bag that's perfect for work, trips, beach, church, fall, spring, summer and everything else but I really wanted to get as close as possible. My apartment is tiny and my budget is even tinier. My friend L made me this amazing chart back in May and I started wanting every bag on this list but the bags in my budget were ubiquitous in my zip code, 10065. Just click the chart to make it bigger but I know it's still hard to read for some reason.
I had been debating the Goyard versus the Louis Vuitton Neverfull for several months when I saw this bag on a blog and fell in love.  Last night I got home and found my much anticipated Frank Clegg bag had finally arrived. 

It's the perfect for me for so many reasons not the least of which are
(1) no one I know has this bag
(2) no patterns or logos (unlike the Goyard and Neverfull)
(3) matches everything
(4) made to order in America
(5) great for work and travel
(6) less expensive than all the other options yet if anything, higher quality

I haven't been this satisfied with a purchase since my classic flap bag.

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