Monday, May 14, 2012

Goyard vs. Neverfull

If every weekend was as fun and productive as this last one, I would always be fulfilled and ready for the week.  It included church, a friend's 30th birthday, dancing, a movie, going for a run, and laundry.  I finally went to see Damsels in Distress.  Although I preferred Metropolitan, this movie had it's fair share of witty dialogue and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
A friend of mine recently decided to get the LV neverfull.  She commented that when she sleeps over at her boyfriend's place, she can just throw everything she needs in that bag and it fits.  Instantly, I decided that I need a large canvas tote.  I have a Vineyard Vines tote and a Vera Bradley one as well.  Unfortunately they are cloth and have gotten so dirty.  They're also just too small.  The LV nevefull is even a bag you can take to work.  Needless to say, I can't buy a neverfull.  Not only is it incredibly rude to copy a friend's choice of bag, but I have always been an ardent Louis Vuitton hater.  In addition, the neverfull is just so common I couldn't possibly bare to walk around in Manhattan with one.  After much searching I have landed upone the perfect solution . . . Goyard.  Now I just have to (1) pick a color and (2) decide yes or no to monogramming.

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~S~ said...

I know how you feel, i've been thinking about the neverfull a lot lately. It's over done and trite, but i just love it. I think it looks so good with almost any outfit, esp with just a casual pair of washed out jeans and girly top! Goyard, i was interested in a little bit, but it just really doesn't seem worth the money. It looks like a regular tote bag, I thought it was at max $80 when I first saw it and was absolutely floored to find that it was $1000+!

I don't know, I say go for the LV. Yes, copying your friend is weird and rude, but not if you tell her in advance that you are getting it esp after seeing it on her! My two cents, obvi I would love either. good luck!