Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Residing on Sandy

Annie's on Broadway and I'm super pumped to see it, hence the title.  I am blessed to have been in Georgia during the hurricane and to have come back to a warm dry apartment with electricity.  My friends experienced flooding, loss of power, water, heat and I even have a new roommate temporarily because some people lost their homes.  I had the opportunity to help friends and strangers this weekend and it made me embarrased at all the complaining I did about my cancelled flights last week. 

I've been through 9/11, the blackout in 2003, the subway strike in 2006 and Hurricane Irene and it took Sandy to finally get me thinking, is living on an Island something I want long term.  The irony is that this is the first disaster I've not been in the city to experience first hand.  Being away from the city probably inspired more fear in me because I had to rely on television for hints and the unknown is always worse to me.  If this is going to become a yearly event than renting definitely seem like the way to go.  Atlanta and Los Angeles are looking better and better but I'm definitely not there yet.

Today marks the fourth presidential election I've voted in and thus far, I've never picked a winner.  Here's hoping that I can go to sleep happy on election night for the first time.

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